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Taiteilijan nimi:: Phillip Aubrey
Ammatti: Porn Star
Etnisyys: Caucasian - American
Silmien väri: Blue
Hiusten väri: Blonde
Penis: Ympärileikattu
Vartalon karvoitus: Smooth
Ruumiinrakenne: Toned
Seksirooli: Switch Hitteri
Ekstra Blond superstar Phillip Aubrey is almost as famous for his stormy relationship with fellow porn god Spencer Reed as he is for his sex movies - and we're more than happy to watch them fucking! They met on a double date in 2010. The 6ft, smooth blond has a thick 8.5-inch cock and tops and bottoms. He's also made porn as Jasper St John and has done some of his best work for Lucas Entertainment. His ambition is to become a yoga instructor/health nutritionist with his own studio but in the meantime he's worked in a bar and in retail. And where did he get that amazing body? Lots of swimming and training in modern dance and jazz as a youth clearly helped!
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