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Taiteilijan nimi:: Crissy Moran
Aliakset:: Crissy M, Chrissy Morgan, Chrissy Moran
Alkuperämaa: United States
Etnisyys: Caucasian
Silmien väri: Brown
Hiusten väri: Brown
Pituus: 157
Paino: 45
Rinta: DFeikki
Kengän koko: 6.5
Rinta: / Vyötärö: / Lantio: 86 / 58 / 88
Ekstra My career in modeling started by complete accident. I was new to the internet and I stumbled across a modeling website where potential models would display their "portfolios". I had someone scan some snap shot pictures (which were awful)and I posted the pictures along with my stats on the website. Not long after I posted I began getting emailed job proposals all over the world. I had to take it upon myself to figure out which jobs were legit and which were not. I was nervous to begin working with complete strangers at first. My first shoot was with Harvey Butts. The shoot provided me with professional pictures which I posted on the same modeling site. Luckily, my first shoot was successful and led me to more modeling endeavors. Since then I have posed for two calendars - which are Castrol Oil 2001 (which I got cover), and another which is a citywide calendar for Augusta,Georgia. I have also modeled for Playboy (c) NSS (Book of Lingerie) which has not yet been published. I have done lots of photoshoots for private photographers and am now working closely with (which my body profile is the logo!). After acquiring a number of supporters and admirers I decided to start my own official website. I have had many people tell me I should do an "amateur site" but I still have a love and desire for all types of modeling - so, I decided, "Why can�t I do what I want?-- BOTH?". What you see right now is my modeling portfolio. Inside my members area I have series of Playboy(c) style nudes, a chat area, and my live webcam shows! I also have two fan clubs you may join (at no charge) which are listed in the contest section of my site! As far as my personal life goes, I work a full time job during the week. On weekends if I do not have a shoot booked or am not working overtime at my day job, I love to go out to clubs with my friends! I also enjoy the beach, shopping and working out. I am always open to try new things. I would describe myself as pretty shy for the most part. In high school I was always the one who supported my friend with her pageants and cheerleading aspirations. I was more of a introvert but always wanted to break out of it! I believe I have accomplished that now!!! I am a person who appreciates beauty in a variety of forms. I write some poetry when I feel inspired to do so. I am very down-to-earth and I always place priority on answering emails from my website I love to read peoples thoughts on my modeling and my site. Cheers, Crissy
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